JC MASH benefits from volunteer services of physicians, ARNPs, and Registered Nurses. The two nurses and an ARNP pictured above are Christina, Mauria, and Marta

Organizational Background

Since 1993, JC MASH has operated as a not-for-profit corporation, registered in the
State of Washington and set up under IRS regulations as a 501(3)(c), making it eligible to
accept donations, for which donors are able to claim IRS deductions. 

The founding director of JC MASH is James Kimber Rotchford, MD, a practicing physician,
specializing in Pain Management and Addiction, with his clinical practice in the
Sanderling Building in Port Townsend, the same location where the JC MASH
headquarters is located. Dr. Rotchford volunteers his expertise and he leads a team of
other medical professionals, who volunteer in providing medical and referral services to
patients. The organization benefits from a paid, administrative director, who is an R.N.

and whose compensation is paid from the UGN grant.